One of the latest studies carried out by the specialists at the University College London revealed some alarming social tendencies. According to it, the children of working moms tend to be obese and overweight, and they are more likely to have extra weight than their peers cared for by moms who are staying at home.

Child ObesityThe study embraces examination of the tendencies for two generations of British children, carried out in 1965 and 1991. It turned out that in the year 19965, the findings of the research which involved 8,500 children below 7, showed that 12% of boys and 8% of girls had problems with weight. Twenty six years later, in 1991, the indexes increased twice. Along with that, the number of working moms increased 45%.

The reasons of this tendency are quite clear and obvious. When there’s nobody to watch after a child, he or she is more likely to develop unhealthy eating habits, watch TV all the time and decrease the amount of physical activities. When mom is busy making her career, she has no opportunity to cook healthy meals, therefore, the child eats in fast-food restaurants. A working mom is constantly in hurry, so she is more likely to use a car rather then do a little walk with her children, and so on.

The scientists say: “In the light of the substantial growth in female employment observed in recent years and the increasing tendency for women to return to work after childbirth, such increases may affect the prevalence of childhood obesity.” Dr. Leah Li, one of the leaders of the study, adds: “The high prevalence of child obesity is likely to result in further increases in adult obesity and associated health consequences.”

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