What Is Mental StressMost of us do not know for sure what is mental stress and what kind of health problems can be linked to this type of stress. Mental stress is quite a broad concept linked to extreme and chronic mental and physical burnout. We feel mentally stressed when our body is pretty much damaged, both from physical and psychological points of view. Mental stress can be a result of working under hard pressure for several weeks that ends up in total energy depletion and physical exhaustion. Mental stress is not something most of us experience often, but it is quite a serious condition which can affect our health very very seriously. That is why it is important to know as much as possible about the effects of constant mental stress and mental health problems on our overall health.

Experts say that usually mental stress is caused by constant activation of our stress hormones which is usually a result of prolonged stressful situation, like chronic stresses at work, chronic stresses related to some events in personal life (like a divorce, a loss of a close friend or relative, coping with the situation when a relative or a close friend is missing, etc.). There are very close relationships between mental stress and mental health of all of us because in certain cases being exposed to chronic mental stresses can cause serious mental problems and impairments. If left untreated, mental stress can result in constant agitation, severe insomnia and restlessness, memory loss, panic attacks, and other psychological disorders. Also, severe mental stresses can substantially increase the risks of serious diseases like cardiac problems, stomach ulcers and other serious digestive health problems, diabetes mellitus, and many others.

Now, when we’ve got an answer to the question what is mental stress, we can look closer at several effective ways to manage this serious condition. Using natural ways to combat mental stress can be a much better solution compared to using anti-depressants and other medications. Below, there is a lost of the most effective natural techniques and approaches than can help us keep our mental stress and mental health under control.

1.Stress And Mental Health It is possible to use the most effective herbal remedies for mental and other sorts of stress. Having a cup of chamomile, peppermint, ginkgo biloba, echinacea, valerian, borage, or chive tea can be a great natural solution to slow down the effects of mental stress, especially in a prolonged time frame. Keep in mind that herbal remedies are safe and very powerful solution to control our mental stress and mental health.

2. Doing regular breathing exercises. Known also as diaphragmatic breathing, this technique can be very effective for fighting acute mental stress. All you need to do is find a comfortable position, take a deep breath filling up your lungs and belly with air, hold the breath for 5-10 seconds, and then exhale slowly, until your lungs feel empty. Repeat for 10-20 times and get totally focused on breathing.

3. Using common relaxation techniques like yoga, Tai Chi, and others. Relaxing and meditating can assist you in diverting your attention from the problems and mental stress, decreasing your heart rate and blood pressure, relieving nervous tension, assisting in combating insomnia. To maximize the effects, you can use aromatherapy or music to boost total mental and physical relaxation.

4. Finally, it is possible to use effective therapies like imagery therapy or music therapy. The main objective of this kind of therapies is evoke positive emotions or memories, this way calm down the mind and relieve mental stress.



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