Weight Loss TipsFor an effective weight management program, simple following an extreme food regime, counting calories in every meal and avoiding eating after 6 p.m. can not be enough in many situations. It is also very important to be aware about the newest weight loss tips and trends, weight loss advice and recommendations, that are regularly being published by the world’s leading nutritionists and weight management specialists. Below, you can find top 5 newest and the most effective tips for losing weight.

1. Remember that silence is a very important factor that can help avoid overeating. It is a known fact that overeating is frequently triggered by stresses, tension, anxiety and depression. A group of American scientists leaded by Laura Klein, studied the effects of noise and tension on people’s appetite. The experiments showed that women who worked in very noisy environment consume about 65-70 g more fat than those ladies who worked in calm environment. That is why looking for a calm and silent atmosphere is a new effective weight loss advice.

2.Weight Loss Advice The stronger smell, the less hungry you feel. Nutritionists from the Netherlands published the results of their recent study which suggest that not only how much you eat, but how strong the smell of food is helps you feel full. Strong smells can be very efficient in making people feel full, and now, the scientists are looking for ways to use this information to help people lose weight using smells.

3. Visuals can also play an important role and help people avoid overeating. The experiments showed that images of fat people can be scary enough for those who afraid of putting on weight. During the experiments, two groups of women were offered to eat: one group was in a room with the pictures of fresh green forest, and another group was in a room with pictures of ugly fatty people. Can you guess, what were the results? It is definitely the most interesting of these weight loss tips, because after the experiment, the specialists recommended using Photoshop for creating your own image and receiving a picture how fat and ugly you would look with 10-15 extra pounds.

4.Tips For Losing Weight Long live calcium! Remember that calcium is necessary for maintaining normal weight, and a lack of calcium causes extra appetite, drives us to high calorie foods and this way stimulates weight gain. In addition, a group of Canadian specialists at the Medical School of Laval found out that regular consumption of calcium is linked to more effective weight management, even for those people who do not follow a special diet for weight loss. At that, recommended daily dose of calcium is 1000 – 1200 mg.

5. Be sure that the diet you are following and the tips for losing weight you use are scientifically proven and correct. According to Dr. Chirs Hawkey, current President of the British Society of Gastroenterology, most of popular diets are harmful and damaging to our health as they are based on “theory rather than evidence”. In his speech at a recent conference GASTRO 2009, he criticized such popular diets as the Hollywood Grapefruit Diet, fruitarian diets and the Atkins Diet. The specialist underlined that for maintaining healthy body weight, it is enough to follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly and avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks.

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