Hair LossThis week, one of the world’s leading hair loss and hair transplant specialists Dr. Larry Shapiro reported that after studying a problem of hair thinning and loss for many years, he found one more common cause of this curse of many modern men and women. According to Shapiro, hair loss is caused by regular using products and pills for weight gain or loss, which contain a chemical compound known as whey protein isolate.

Hair loss is among the most topical problems of modern heath care, and a great number of men and women have to struggle against hair thinning and loss. The experts name the following factors among the leading reasons of hair loss: genetic predisposition, poor nutrition, incorrect hair care, negative effects of stresses and nervous tension, hormonal shifts and increased levels of male hormones, and so on.  For 20 years of studying the problem, Dr. Shapiro interviewed about 11,000 of his patients and noticed that those individuals who take medications for more effective weight management experience more intense hair loss and thinning.

Hair Thinning and LossMen and women who take growth hormones and testosterone for weight training and weight reduction programs frequently come into my office complaining of hair loss.  I have to explain to them that the growth hormones they’re taking to strengthen their bodies are actually causing their hair to fall out,” Dr. Shapiro says. The expert is convinced that not only nutrition supplements, but also anabolic steroids and other work out products promote hair thinning and loss as they increase the level of male hormones.

At the same time, Shapiro underlines that only the supplements and products with high content of whey protein isolates are bad for our hair. Inspired by his new findings, Dr. Larry Shapiro created a new unique formula for hair growth and reconstruction. This formula was named Help Hair and it includes such valuable nutrients and elements as niacin, vitamins of B group, amino acids, extracts of Chinese herbs and other natural ingredients.  In the nearest future, Shapiro plans to publish scientific evidence of the effectiveness of his formula.

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