watermelonWe already know a lot about therapeutic properties of watermelon and watermelon diet benefits. However, it turns out that this miraculous and very tasty natural food has many more healing actions yet unknown and undiscovered. A group of scientists at the University of Kentucky conducted a new research and found out that adding watermelon to your daily diet on a regular basis (or drinking some amount of watermelon juice every day) can help you prevent such common and serious cardiovascular condition as atherosclerosis.

The study involved experiments on lab rats. At first, two groups of rodents were given a high cholesterol diet, in order to create a good environment for the research. At that, one group of the rodents was regularly given watermelon juice as a diet support, and the other control group was given just usual water. watermelon juiceAfter 8 weeks of such food regimen, the rats were examined and their body mass was measured, and the results for both groups were compared.

It turned out that those rats who were given watermelon juice had way lower body mass than the rats from the control group which did not demonstrate any decrease of fat mass at all. In addition, the animals from the control group had much higher levels of cholesterol in the blood, and the rats who consumed watermelon juice had much lower concentrations of low-density and intermediate lipoprotein cholesterol.

After further investigations it has been revealed that the rodents from the first group demonstrated significant reduction in atherosclerotic lesions, or plaques, which in most cases lead to the progression of this serious disease. Therefore, watermelon consumption should be considered lowering the risks of atherosclerosis, a cardiovascular condition linked to hardening of the arteries, poor blood circulation and poor nutrition of body’s most important organs. Atherosclerosis very often leads to peripheral vascular disease, a stroke or a heart attack.

Dr. Sibu Saha, a lead researcher and a specialist of Indian origin at the University of Kentucky, reported to mass media that the experts actually did note expect to find out something new because numerous health benefits of watermelon are very well known. “This pilot study has found three interesting health benefits in mouse model of atherosclerosis. Our ultimate goal is to identify bioactive compounds that would improve human health,” he underlined.

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