watercressMany natural remedies and foods on our tables are reported to have powerful anti-cancer properties. Those include garlic, berries, cabbage, broccoli, leeks, onions, spinach, soybeans and many more. Recently, the scientists at Southampton University carried out a research and studied cancer fighting properties of one more known remedy for this disease, watercress. They managed to find scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of watercress as an excellent anti-cancer protective remedy.

During the experiments, the participants were offered to take only 80 grams daily dose of watercress. Examinations have shown that the levels of cancer fighting cells in the body were elevating in just few hours after consuming this natural food. According to the information at the Telegraph, watercress can be especially effective for lowering the occurrence and preventing the development of breast cancer.

Professor Graham Packham from the Cancer Research UK Centre at Southampton University, one of the leaders of the research, underlines that this amazing anti-cancer properties of watercress can be attributed to isothiocyanates, spacial chemical compounds of natural origin, which can interfere and inhibit cancer cells growth. He says that the study give great grounds for further researches and possibly even using watercress extracts for creating a new treatment to help those who suffer from breast cancer. Read more about this study in the recent issue of the British Journal of Nutrition.

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