waterWater is a source of health, life and energy, but how much water should we consume and what the sufficient amounts of water are? Some specialists say that we need to drink not less than 2 liters a day, some nutritionists say that every individual knows how much is enough, and some experts are convinced that excessive amounts of water can be very harmful to our body.

Undoubtedly, our body needs water for normal function. Water stimulates metabolism and our nervous system, that is why it obviously has positive effects on our health and weight management. However, to find an answer to the question, how much water do we need, one should take into consideration many personal factors. For example, those who work in the office all day long should not limit their water consumption. But professional athletes, for example, are not recommended to drink plenty of water, especially on the eve of important competitions.

Efficient Amounts Of WaterMany nutritionists insist on drinking about 2 liters of water a day, excluding all water we consume with soups, fruit, juices and so on. German nutritionists recommend drinking a glass of non-carbonated mineral water  30 minutes before the mealtime, in order to stimulate digestion and make digestive system work. And then, it can be effective to drink a glass of mineral water in 2-2,5 hours after the mealtime.

However, those people who have some chronic ailments, like problems with kidneys, should be very careful about their water consumption. Sometimes excessive amounts of water collect in our lungs, causing problems with breathing. Also, those who want to reduce weight by limiting own food consumption have to drink more water, because they do not receive sufficient amounts of water with their food. Those people who have problems with gastrointestinal tract should not drink more than 1,5 liters of water a day.

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