WalnutsHealth benefits of walnuts are really numerous. First of all, walnuts are known as the best foods for brain, for stimulating its function, preventing memory loss and serious health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. Other positive effects and benefits of walnuts embrace their properties to strengthen the function of our cardiovascular system and prevent many common heart health problems. Walnuts are rich in vitamin E that is good for our skin. Finally, walnuts and other nuts are natural superfoods rich in natural antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for supporting the function and long life of our body tissues.

In addition to the mentioned properties, it was recently found out that a regular consumption of walnuts can play a role in breast cancer prevention. According to the findings of a small study carried out at Marshall University, those women who eat 3-4 walnuts a day have substantially lower chances to develop breast cancer: in most cases, such walnut diet can reduce risks of breast cancer twice. In the short report about this study which was recently published in the science journal Nutrition and Cancer, Health Benefits Of WalnutsDr Elaine Hardman, medical doctor and professor of Marshall’s Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, explains that these properties of walnuts can be attributed to a high content of phytosterols, Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants, which can act together and suppress cancer tumor growth.

During the experiments, the scientists introduced walnut oil into the diet of a group of mice which had genetically programmed condition of developing cancerous formation quite fast. At that, another control group of mice with the same genetic modification was following its usual diet. Using walnut oil resulted in a substantial reduction and slowing down of cancerous cells development in the first group. It was also noticed that walnut extract has made modifications in the function of genes responsible for breast cancer formation, and this function is absolutely the same in mice and in humans, that is why the results are considered absolutely applicable to humans as well.

The group of scientists led by Dr Elaine Hardman also attempted to compare the effectiveness of other foods rich in Omega 3 acids for slowing down the development of tumors. In particular, canola oil and corn oil were tested, but they did not show as great effectiveness as walnut oil. Therefore, walnuts can be used by all women as an excellent breast cancer protection. However, to enjoy health benefits of walnuts everyone should remember that this food is quite high in calories, and according to the recommendations of Dr. Elaine Hardman, daily dose of this natural remedy should not exceed 2 ounces.


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    great post. Walnuts are a great alternative as fish is – unfortunately – full of more toxins & “farm” breed dont produce the same quality Omega 3 … Walnuts would be the go.