November 1, 2011

cancer vitaminsCaused by the unnatural, accelerated growth and division of cells in the body; cancer has been perplexing scientists and health professionals for years. Countless different theories as to its cause and treatment have been espoused, however, in recent years, more and more studies have shown that vitamins and natural herbs may be the answer.

Vitamin D, in recent studies, has been shown to be linked to the treatment of breast cancer cells. Conducted at the State University of New York, JoEllen Welsh’s research took breast cancer cells injected into mice and treated them with vitamin D. The results showed that the breast cancer cells were reduced by 50% with the injection of vitamin D. In the case of certain mice the breast cancer tumors were shown to be treated completely. Admittedly, treating cancer in mice is not the same as treating it in people, but there is a definite correlation. Other studies show more benefits of vitamin D in helping colon and prostate tumors.

Other vitamins such as vitamin C and E, have been known to help with a variety of illnesses. On top of their benefits for boosting immunities those vitamins are now showing to have a negative correlation with intestine cancers. Studies are showing that this is because vitamin C produces lymphocytes and contributes to an improved immune system which can work against a variety of environmental cancers. This carries over to such forms as lung cancer, gastric cancer and epithelial mesothelioma. Vitamin C can be found naturally occurring in a number of natural fruits and juices. However, in order to get a significant value of vitamin E it may be necessary to take a supplement, as naturally, it occurs less in foods.

vitamins help prevent cancerVitamins help make the body stronger, increase the disease-stopping abilities of the immune system and allow for the healthy growth of new skin and nail. All these things can prevent skin cancer. As skin cancer is able to develop in part due to poor or improper regeneration of skin cells, vitamins that improve this process are very important for limiting chances of cancer. As healthier skin is less vulnerable to disease, this small step addition to ones diet can be a real life saver.

Many diet-related challenges arise from lack of vitamins. Improper dieting can lead to malnutrition, which may bring with it nausea, vomiting, poor appetite and mouth sores. This is a very important thing to watch out for as all of these uncomfortable symptoms can promote cancer in those that experience them, as upsets in bodily function give cancerous cells more of a chance to generate along with other regenerating cells.

Fighting cancer is a difficult battle, one where you need all the resources you can get. While it is not a definitive cure or treatment, when used alongside other preventative measures, vitamins can play a helpful role as natural medicine that can prevent cancer and save lives.

Author Info: Guest post by Leroy Templeton

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