Urinary Tract Infections In WomenAre you familiar with that burning sensation, pains in the lowest abdomen and very unpleasant feelings or discomfort when urinating? Those are the most common symptoms of urinary tract infections in women, which can be experienced in cases of mild or moderate infections. It is estimated that every one in two women in today’s world suffer from one or another type of urinary tract infections. After learning what causes urinary tract infections, most women start thinking about the factors which could actually cause the problem for them. Obviously, this kind of infections can be caused by certain bacteria, but where could those come from? And now, there is the final question: could you ever imagine that such kind of bacteria coulc come from such a source as chicken meat?

A group of scientists from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, studied urinary tract infections in women and tried to find out what could be the source of bacteria. It was known before that E. coli bacteria which can be found in our body, usually causes such kind of infections. Specialists conducted a series of tests including comparing genetic material collected from about 320 samples of beef, pork and chicken, to usual samples of E.coli bacteria from urinary infections. What Causes Urinary Tract InfectionsTo a great surprise of the scientists, the samples found in chickens (mainly bred in modern chicken farms) were a very close match to the bacteria samples obtained from the samples of urinary tract infections taken from female donors.

Dr. Amee Manges, one of the study leaders, said: ‘Chicken meat may be a reservoir for the E. coli that cause infections like urinary tract infections in women.’ The data received during the study has shown that the bacteria comes to our body directly from the chicken meat rather than from the processes in our body while digesting the meat. In addition to that, Canadian scientists expressed their deepest concern as the advanced farming technologies seem to make the situation much worse. According to Dr. Manges, “the selection and amplification of drug-resistant E. coli on the farms because of improper or overuse of antimicrobials during food animal production.” That is why the emergence of this dangerous bacteria from all sources has been decreasing to a great extent!

Over one and a half million women in today’s United Kingdom suffer from urinary infections and look for an answer to the question what causes urinary tract infections? This problem is much more common in women, though sometimes it can happen in men, or even in children. Fortunately, the majority of urinary tract infections in women are not serious and considered absolutely treatable. However, specialists underline that complications caused by urinary tract infections in women and men sometimes can be very serious and lead to such serious health conditions as blood poisoning, kidney failure, and others. That is why it is highly recommended to do everything possible to pay a proper attention to the problem and never leave such kind of infections untreated.

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