Tree nutsCholesterol lowering benefits of nuts are known and the fact mentioned is not something new and exciting. Nevertheless, one more serious scientific study showed that consuming a small pack of tree nuts (including peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios and others) on a regular basis is linked to lower cholesterol levels and lower risks of a stroke.

A group of scientists at Loma Linda University, California, analyzed the results of 25 previous studies on the effects of nuts and tree nuts on lipid levels in the blood. The studies were carried out in different countries and involved about 580 participants between 19 and 86. According to the published findings, eating 67g of tree nuts a day can lower bad cholesterol by about 7%, and general level of cholesterol by about 5%. In addition, blood lipid level can reduce by more than 10%.

Lower CholesterolDr. Joan Sabate of Loma Linda University in California says: “Nuts are a wholefood that have been consumed by humans throughout history. Increasing consumption as part of an otherwise prudent diet can favourably affect blood lipid levels, at least in the short term, and lower coronary heart disease risk.” The experts from the research group also say that this cholesterol lowering property can also lower our chances to develop such a common disease as type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Sabate and her colleagues found some more of interesting details. The tests revealed that the higher bad LDL cholesterol levels a person has in the blood, the more effective  a tree nut diet can be. Also such factor as BMI also playe a role: the more extra weight a person has, the stronger therapeutic effects of a tree nut diet the person can receive. However, the scientist recommend using only salt-free nuts in order to avoid possible negative side effects. The findings of this cumulative study were recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

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    Oh, I have always thought that nuts increase one’s cholesterol level. Thanks for the information. How about the nuts or peanuts from the Philippines? Do they have the same nutrient value with those nuts that you are referring to above?