Aphrodisiac FoodsDespite the fact that many of us do not actually believe in the powers of natural aphrodisiacs, a great deal of experts say that by using known spices, herbal remedies, or natural aphrodisiac foods we can successfully improve our sexual life, increase our libido and improve our fertility. Natural aphrodisiacs have been known and used for many centuries, and their properties are tested by our great grand moms and many previous generations. All you need to know is what foods can play a role of natural sex drive stimulants, and how to use them correctly in order to awaken the desire of yours or your partner. There is plenty of information available online, and in this article I’d like to present you the top 10 natural aphrodisiac foods recommended by Marioul Pugoy, a natural food guru and a founder of Sadhana Pty Limited, an Australian organic food company.

According to the expert, there are plenty of advantages in using natural aphrodisiac foods for our health and peace of mind. Apart of being great sexual desire stimulants, most of the below mentioned foods are very delicious. Plus, they can provide our body with plenty of useful natural vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients essential for the function of all our body organs and systems. “Consuming live, natural, unprocessed foods can improve our fertility and sex drive as well as our overall health and wellbeing,” Pugoy said. Here are the nine natural foods mentioned by the specialist as the most effective and recommended natural aphrodisiacs for everyone.

1. Bananas. Known natural sources of vitamin B complex and such mineral as potassium, bananas can be recommended as one of the best type of natural aphrodisiacs since they can stimulate sex hormone production in the body in combination with supporting high levels of energy. Consuming 1-2 raw bananas can be a great idea for a fun night.

2. Almonds. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, almonds can play a role of good testosterone stimulants in men. At the same time, according to Pugoy, almonds can be used as aphrodisiac foods by women as well. Adding a handful of almonds to your salad or bakery can help you harvest the mentioned benefits.

3. Natural AphrodisiacsAvocado. Due to a high content of folic acid, avocado is valued primarily as an excellent natural energy source. It is also rich in vitamin B complex, thus can assist in increasing hormone production. Avocado can be used as an addition to a smoothie or a vegetable salad.

4. Celery. This root vegetable is a source of the male hormone androsterone, and by simple adding some fresh celery to your dishes it is possible to cause pheromone release and increase female attraction. Celery has been known as an aphrodisiac since the times of the Roma Empire where it was also used as a natural remedy against mood swings.

5. Garlic. Though it may seem hard to believe, garlic is another traditional natural aphrodisiac. Due to its high content of allicin, a natural substance that can stimulate blood flow to the genitalia. For achieve excellent aphrodisiac effects, it is necessary to consume raw garlic. As Pugoy recommends, you can use mint in order to kill the characteristic odor of this natural aphrodisiac.

6. Asparagus. Rich in vitamin E, asparagus is known as a sleep inducing remedy. However, it also found its place among natural aphrodisiacs since it is rich in folate and improves female fertility. Can be consumed as an ingredient for vegetable stews or any any way you like.

7. Basil. This natural stimulant has the properties similar to the ones of garlic. It is also used in herbal medicine as a mood enhancer and a herb to help patients feel well. It has distinctive clear scent which is believed to increased sexual desire. Basil can be added virtually to every vegetable meal, and it goes amazingly well with tomatoes.

8. Natural Aphrodisiacs Cardamom. Known as natural Viagra, cardamom has got a fame of the bast male sexual health boosters and natural aphrodisiacs for men. With its high content of cineole, this natural food can increase blood flow to genitalia and improve sexual desire in men. Can be used as a common spice for deserts or other dishes you like cooking.

9. Pumpkin seed. This natural product is essential for men, mainly since it is the best known natural protection against prostate problems. Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, a key element for boosting male libido and male fertility, According to Pugoy, this kind of natural aphrodisiac foods provide our body with omega 3 fatty acids, essential for good sexual health.



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