Summer is the time when we can enjoy the best benefits and nutritional properties of fresh veggies and fruits. Check out the list of the healthiest natural superfoods for summer 2011.

  • KaleKale. This leafy green is extremely good for our health as it is packed with a huge number of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This low calorie and fat-free food is rich in vitamins A, K, D6 and C, dietary fiber, antioxidants, manganese, potassium, copper, magnesium and others. Kale has very strong antioxidant and anti-cancer properties which are especially effective for breast, colon and ovarian cancer prevention. Plus very strong cardiovascular support and anti-inflammatory properties. Add fresh green leaves of kale to your daily vegetable salad, and do not forget to garnish your salad with a pinch of sesame seeds, as well as dress it with some high quality olive oil.

  • blueberriesBlueberries. This sweet treat has a reputation of one of the healthiest foods known. Despite of quite high sugar content, blueberries offer us amazing anti-cancer properties and cardiovascular support. Rich in vitamins C and E, as well as dietary fiber and huge amounts of natural antioxidants (mainly anthocyanidins), blueberries protect against muscular degeneration and support good vision, improve the function of our digestive system and aid weight loss. A bowl of blueberries can be the best idea for afternoon bite this summer.


  • watermelonWatermelons. This amazing refreshing superfood is not only rich in water, but can play a role of excellent natural source of vitamins. Vitamin A is important for our eye health and cell growth, vitamin C is a key element for enhancing the function of the immune system, and vitamin B6 helps us cope with stresses and boost our energy. Juicy flesh of watermelons is rich in natural antioxidant lycopene which provides anti-cancer and anti-aging properties. Enjoy a slice or two of refreshing watermelons every day this summer.


  • Garlic ScapesGarlic scapes. Garlic scapes are nothing else but immature and fresh flowering stems of garlic plant, which can be also used for salads, vegetable stews and other your favorite summer meals.  You can add some sliced garlic scapes to vegetable sauces, sprinkle sliced pieces of this superfood over your pizza or pasta, and  place some fresh garlic scapes next to grilled or roasted meat. Numerous health benefits of garlic can be harvested when using garlic scapes, and it is possible to enjoy fresh product all summer long.


  • Red beetsRed beets. Though it is possible to use this natural superfood year round, summer is the time when beets are the freshest and the richest in their health benefits. Packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, niacine, folate, manganese, iron, potassium, copper and other nutrients, this natural food offers great dietary benefits. It supports our digestive system and anti-inflammatory protection.   Health benefits of beets include  antioxidant properties and boosted detoxification. Beets are among the healthiest choices for summer 2011.

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