office jobMillions of people around the world work in offices, and many of those spend up to 10-11 hours a day in close quarters or similar environment, mainly sitting at their desks in front of their computers. Though for millions of other people working in an office could really be a dream job, they are sometimes not aware that a lack of physical activities, numerous infections and bacteria, endless consumption of coffee and unhealthy foods, stresses and other factors make an office job (especially a lasting one) pretty dangerous and risky. It is very important to think about health issues and do everything possible to prevent all illnesses and diseases linked to working in the office on an everyday basis.

We already know how to create a healthy office environment or a healthy work environment in general. Now, let’s take a closer look at 5 most common desk-job-related diseases and illnesses which bring very serious risks to overall health of modern people around the world, and some of those health concerns are actually life-threatening.

1. Obesity. A lack of physical activities, increased level of stresses, eating too much of unhealthy foods leads to obesity, increased levels of LDL cholesterol in blood, blood clotting and other dangerous effects. I guess, there’s no need in mentioning all dangers and risks related to obesity, and those who spend days in the offices chatting online or having constant bites like chips and chocolate bars should be very careful! Heart disease. Cardiac health in at a very high risk for those who work at the desks and computers every day. In particular, recently British scientists found out that those who work for 10-11 hours in the office have up to 67% higher risks to develop heart disease. Dr. Gregg C. Fonarow, a specialist at University College London, David Geffen School of Medicine, says: “Those working long hours may have less time for exercise, healthy eating and physicians visits, they may be exposed to more stress, get less sleep and engage in other behaviors which contribute to cardiovascular risk.” Read more in the latest issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.

3. Lower-back pains. Sitting in front of your computer for many hours, especially for those who have bad posture, can cause lower-back pains, neck and joint pains, as well as other absolutely devastating effects. Experts from the Georgetown University Center on an Aging Society report that lower-back pains are among the leading reasons for missed work. If you need to sit for a long time at your desk or in front of your PC, change your position every 15-20 minutes, move or do some stretching exercises on a regular basis.

4. Colon cancer. Office jobs are very often linked to sitting at the desk for hours, which is one of the leading factors for increased risks of colon cancer. According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, specialists at the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research at University of Western Australia found out that those people who work in the office for more than 10 years and spend most of the time in sedentary work at a desk have up to 44% increased risks of colon cancer.

5. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This health problem is linked to repeated movements like typing for many hours. It is revealed via pains, swellings, numbness, tingling, itching or even muscle damage caused by pressure on the median nerve which runs from the forearm to the hand and wrist. According to the National Institute of Health, this condition is becoming more and more common not only among those who work in the office, but also in drivers, musicians, professional sportsmen and so on. Do not forget doing special exercises, stretching or using other techniques for preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

In your opinion, what is the most dangerous risk of office work?

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