habits for weight lossIn our times, a problem of being obese and overweight has turned unto an issue of global concern. For many of the most developed countries of the world it has become a national catastrophe, linked to many serious health risks and dangers to a great deal of the population. In response to this problem, national governments are adopting the laws and regulations to control production and distribution of unhealthy foods or other products, increase taxes on unhealthy products, etc. A great number of scientists are currently carrying out thousands of studies and researches spending millions of dollars for such scientific work. However, most of the population goes on spending more and more for potato chips, fries, burgers, mayonnaise, cola and other soft drinks, alcohol, and all those other unhealthy foods.

Recently, scientists asked a question, can we do something besides of just making healthy food choices? Maybe there is something beyond just healthy eating? Maybe we should pay more attention to our habits that make us buy unhealthy foods and turn even the healthiest foods into our enemies? Below, there is a list of top 20 anti weight loss habits which do not let us enjoy the benefits of healthy nutrition to the fullest, and which we all need to avoid.

1. Using cereal bars and a glass of commercially produced fruit juice for breakfast. Such kind of breakfasts are filled with sugars and other harmful ingredients making this food choice unhealthy and this habit one of the unhealthiest habits to lose weight.

2. Adding milk to tea. Milk is proven to block the activities of tea ingredients which assist in decreasing our LDL bad cholesterol levels and aid weight loss.

3. Weight Loss HabitsEating breads made from white flour. Despite the fact that such kind of bread is usually enriched with vitamins and nutrients, it has too much of carbs and is considered quite unhealthy.

4. Using no flavor-free yogurt on a daily basis. Just like milk is important for kids, having yogurt on dinner table for adults is a great idea to lose weight, support teeth and bone health, prevent digestive system disorders and elevated blood pressure, etc.

5. Avoiding usingĀ  natural metabolism boosters. Using chilli peppers, cinnamon, ginseng and other natural metabolism stimulants could be one of the smartest ideas and one of the best weight loss habits to develop.

6. Drinking commercially produced juices. This kind of products are packed with sugars and are becoming less and less healthy, year by year.

7. Eating on feet. Our busy life made us develop this terrible and unhealthy habit, and we need to do everything possible to avoid eating on feet, especially if such kind of eating involves consuming unhealthy foods.

8. Eating in the workplace. This is one of the most common anti weight loss habits. Eating in the workplace is always linked to unhealthy food choices, increased caffeine and soft drink consumption, consuming low quality foods, etc.

9. Reading recipe books and magazines too often. Such habit can play a role in stimulating appetite and making us eat more.

10. Inability to understand the information on food ingredients correctly. Learning more about harmful food ingredients, like color or food additives, can be one of the smartest habits to lose weight and stay healthy for many years.

11. Eating from the plates of too soft colors. Experts recommend using red plates for decreasing the amounts of consumed foods and stimulating weight loss.

12. Eating with overweight companions. Many experts agree on the fact that eating with overweight friends always leads to eating too much and consuming extra calories, because we tend to imitate eating of the people we’re eating with.

13. Eating in front of a TV or a PC. This is one of the commonest anti weight loss habits, and we all sometimes forget about the dangers of eating when watching TV or playing a PC game. This usually results in eating more that we need, thus, gaining weight.

14. weight lossEating right after exercising. This interferes with the process of burning fat initiated by exercising and substantially decreases the effectiveness of the workout.

15. Having a great variety of foods in our fridges. The less choice we have, the less we eat, nutritionists say.

16. Dieting on our own. According to the findings of the experts the New York Obesity Research Center at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York City, a healthy competition helps drop the pounds much more effectively compared to dieting alone.

17. Suffering from insomnia. Any kind of sleep disorders are linked to gaining weight.

18. Suffering from stresses. Studies have shown that in stressful situation, our body tends to increase the efficiency of fat storage mechanisms.

19. Being too sensitive to smells. Those unfortunate people who are too much sensitive to smells are usually less successful in combating their hunger and unhealthy food cravings.

20. Chewing too fast. This is the last of our unhealthy habits to lose weight. Chewing too fast always leads to consuming more calories and stimulating weight gain.

Author Info: Hi! My name is Carla and I am a 5th year medical student at HYMS. I am interested in alternative medicine and I have done months researching the topic of herbal medicine. Besides, I like interviewing people and learning more about their experiences with one or another type of herbal treatments. I am willing to contribute to this site with my knowledge, and I would be happy to help you out to the best of my ability with any specific questions or problems related to alternative medicine.

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