tomatoTomatoes are among the most commonly used and the most liked fruits which play a significant role in the cuisines of probably all nations on the planet. A lot is known about health benefits of tomato juice and consuming fresh tomatoes on an everyday basis. A new study conducted by an international team of scientists led by the experts from University of Adelaide has shown that consuming fresh tomatoes every day is linked to lower LDL cholesterol and lower blood pressure, as well as improved heart health and lower risks of many common serious heart diseases.

These findings were received after summarizing the results of 14 previous scientific researches which were carried out during the last 55 years. It was known before that cholesterol lowering and blood pressure normalizing properties of tomatoes should be attributed to a high content of lycopene in tomatoes. heart healthLycopene is a red color pigment which makes tomatoes look red and has powerful natural antioxidant properties we can benefit from for our good heart health.

Our study suggests that if more than 25 milligrams of lycopene is taken daily, it can reduce LDL-cholesterol by up to 10 per cent,” Dr. Karin Ried, one of the main specialists and study leaders. To decrease the risks of such diseases as a stroke, a heart attack or heart disease, it is recommended to consume as much as 500 ml of freshly squeezed tomato juice or about 50 grams of tomato paste every day. Researchers say that this is one of the most effective and affordable ways to boost our heart heath.

That’s comparable to the effect of low doses of medication commonly prescribed for people with slightly elevated cholesterol, but without the side effects of these drugs, which can include muscle pain and weakness and nerve damage,” Dr. Ried underlines. Further researches are planned to take place in order to explore the effects and additional benefits to our heart health of higher doses of lycopene, mainly the effects of consuming 25 – 44 mg of lycopene a day.  The findings of this research were recently published in the Maturitas journal.

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