summer diet foodsThe summer season is knocking at our doors, and we have lots and lots of things to do to get ready for it. For most of us, ladies, the most important thing is to get back to a great shape and look stunning this summer. What do we do for that? Some of us start getting involved in more of various physical activities, do a lot of cardio workouts outside (jogging, brisk walking, cycling, swimming, etc.), and some start watching what they eat and even use very tight calorie consumption control, in order to lose extra pounds and look more fit. What are the recommendations for healthy nutrition and diet for summer, and shat should we keep in mind when thinking about our summer diet foods? Let’s ask experts and experienced nutritionists.

Jackie Newgent, the National culinary nutritionist and an author of several books on healthy nutrition, recommends using the principles of simplicity in our diet for summer. According to her summer diet plan, using 1,200 – 1,300 calorie diet plans every day can be a great choice for most of us (excluding people with special needs regarding nutrition). Going light and fresh is another principle that the nutritionist suggests, basing our daily diet plans on fresh veggies and fruit, the most popular and the healthiest summer diet foods. diet for summerShe recommends consuming our daily diet in 5 portions: a breakfast, an a.m. snack, a lunch, a p.m. snack, and a dinner. For breakfast she suggests using a light sandwich, low-fat yogurt with fruit or cereal, for lunch she recommends some light options like sushi, turkey, vegetable salads, etc., and for lunch she offers using some examples of healthy Mediterranean dishes.

Another famous nutritionist, Lona Sandon of the American Dietetic Association, underlines that our diet for summer should be geared for dry and sunny days that we’re going to experience. She underlines the importance of consuming sufficient amounts of water, which is 2-2.5 liters a day, as a precaution for numerous health conditions. In particular, a proper water intake is a key factor for our skin and hair health in summer. Also, proper amounts of water consumed stimulate metabolism and assist our body in maintaining all chemical processes. Sandon is warning about the fact that since we lose a great deal of calcium with our sweat, it can be a smart idea to increase our consumption of low-fat dairy products in summer.

One more excellent recommendation as to our diet for summer is eating plenty of seasonal summer diet foods, like berries, seasonal vegetables, fruits, and so on. Such foods can provide us with the highest quality nutrients and protect us against many possible diseases and illnesses. Finally, summer is the time for picnics and eating outside, but all of us need to keep in mind that healthy eating involved healthy cooking styles. Remember that high calorie barbeques will hardly bring any good, both to your stomach and to your general health. A glass of your favorite smoothie or a bowl of fresh aromatic raspberries are the best ideas for a snack in summer. Be sure that the summer diet foods you are using are fresh and 100 per cent organic. Enjoy your healthy summer season!



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