autumn dietWhen the season of warm summer days is about to end, it is just the time to start thinking and planning a right nutrition strategy for coming autumn. Autumn diet should help us protect our body from seasonal viruses and cold weather, but at the same time it should not cause any weight gain. Certainly, there are no prohibited or “bad” foods for those who have no problems like extra weight or high cholesterol levels. However, in any situation it is recommended to choose the foods wisely.

Fall is the time for harvesting and storing foods, when crops mature, vegetables and fruit are in abundance, nuts and seeds dry out and are ready for being harvested. Autumn diet is very important as it helps us center our energy and prepare our body for cold weather. Below, you can find a few tips for those who care about their nutrition and want to follow the most effective autumn diet plan.

1. Add warm meals to your daily diet. When cold autumn winds start blowing, there’s nothing better than a plate of warm vegetable soup, a bowl of warm brown rice with spicy vegetable stew or a cup of warm stewed fruit with honey. Try to eat warm vegetable soups every day, because they are among the healthiest and the most useful types of meals. Do not forget about warming beverages, including herbal teas, cacao, homemade vegan eggnog, exotic Atole or healthy fruit mixtures with warm milk, etc.

daily diet2. Add reasonable amounts of fats to your autumn diet. Fats are essential compounds which play a role in warming up our body, and if you do not want to feel cold all the time, you should add fats to your daily diet. However, choose a wise approach and use only healthy fats, like the ones that can be received from fish or a high quality vegetable oil.

3. Add some potato to your daily diet. If in summer we tended to enjoying the variety of light and refreshing meals, autumn is the time for something that gives us more energy and helps us staying warm. Sure, do not overeat French fries or potato chips in order to stay warm, but eating some boiled or baked potatoes with vegetable stews or sauces can be helpful to your digestion and cardio-vascuar systems. Potato meals have a number of other advantages: they are cheap, simple, and various. Besides, potatoes are a great source of vitamin C and essential minerals.

4. Control your consumption of sugar and sweet foods. When warm and relaxed summer nights gave place to cold and rainy autumn days, we all tend to go a little cranky and depressed. That is why many of us start eating lots of chocolates, cakes, cookies and other sweet foods. In order to protect yourself from negative effects of eating too much of sugar, keep a good stash of dried fruit, carrots, apples, or, finally, bitter chocolate.

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