morning exerciseMany people around the world wait for Christmas and New Year holidays with great excitement and anticipation of only good things. However, after having days of great meals and lazy evenings with friends and family, most of us have to encounter one of the worst pitfalls of holiday season: weight gain. For a lot of women it causes stresses and negative emotions, as well as extra risks for certain diseases like type 2 diabetes and many more. What can we do? An answer can be found in the December issue of the Journal of Psychology.

A group of scientists from Research Centre for Exercise and Health, Leuven, Belgium, carried out an interesting study which involved observing the activities of 28 young volunteers. Some of them were offered a high calorie and carbohydrate-rich diet, and some were eating only very low calorie foods. Furthermore, some of the participants were asked not to exercise at all during the experiments, some were asked to work out in the morning before having breakfast, and others were asked to exercise after the morning meal. The trials lasted for more than 40 days and all the results were thoroughly analyzed and compared.

It turned out that the best and the most effective way is to do morning exercise on an empty stomach, or in other words – before breakfast. The scientists from Belgium recommend jogging, cycling or short workout in gym, and only one hour of such exercises twice a week can be very beneficial, as the findings of the study say. Pre-breakfast morning exercise can successfully aid not only for facilitating weight loss, but also for preventing diabetes and other diseases. I guess, it is not easy for most of us to find a full hour to exercise before breakfast, but doing 15-20 minutes of aerobic or weight lifting exercises on a regular basis can be a solution, especially for those who are trying to avoid extra weight gain during Christmas and New Year holidays!

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  1. Personal trainer in Vancouver BCNo Gravatar Says:

    I give my full respect to those of you that can pull this off in the morning. Its hard enough to do things that I enjoy at that time in the morning let alone working out ….. I will stick to my 2pm workouts thanks 🙂