Potato FlowerThe potato (Solanum tuberosum) is one of the most favorite and popular vegetables in many countries of the world. It came to our lands from the Southern American continent, namely the mountains of Peru, and for centuries it has been used in many folk medicines (starting from Oriental or Russian and ending with Central American) for its numerous therapeutic properties. Recently, it was scientifically proven that the vitamins, organic acids, mineral composites, enzymes and microelements that can be found in raw potato juice have various positive effects on our health.

PotatoFirst of all, potato juice is a valuable natural remedy which can assist in improving the function of our digestive system to a great extent. It can help eliminate an acid condition in the stomach and relieve ulcer pains. For such treatment, it is recommended to use the juice of red potatoes. It is important that red potato juice should be consumed right after is it made. For making a good potato juice, red potatoes should be washed out, dried out, grated and squeezed. Also, you should never use juice of immature potatoes or the potatoes with black dots since such potatoes can contain certain toxic substances. If you mix it with carrot juice (50 g of raw potato juice and 100 g of fresh carrot juice), raw potato juice can help to calm down burning sensation and gastritis pains.

The second most valuable property of potato juice is its ability to treat rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, lumbago, and so on. In terms of such treatment, potato juice can be taken with various herbal teas, such as sage or nettle teas. Also, arthritis pains can be very effectively relieved by using a tea made of clean potato peels. Raw potato juice is effective for constant migraines and constipation. Finally, taken regularly on rising in the morning (or 30-20 minutes before breakfast), 100-150 g of raw potato juice can be used as a very powerful liver cleanser. Some patients reported that drinking raw potato juice assisted in relieving certain skin problems, such as eczema, skin blemishes, dry and itchy skin, and so on.

Potato JuiceSince raw potato juice can not be considered too pleasant for drinking, it can be mixed with other juices: not only with carrot or other vegetable juices, but also with fresh lemon juice and honey. In particular, drinking raw potato juice mixed with some honey can substantially lower the risks of possible food poisoning, and also can remove the excess uric acid from the body and disinfect your bowels in a natural way. In addition, raw potato juice has very good properties and can assist in diarrhea treatment.

If you want to try some more or less serious raw potato juice treatment program, I would recommend drinking 100-150 g of fresh juice for a fortnight every morning and every evening, 1.5-2 hours before meal. Then, after a 7-day break you should repeat the treatment for other 2-3 weeks. It is very important to remember that you should eat a light and healthy diet during the treatment. However, you should not start a potato juice treatment or eat a potato diet without consulting a nutritionist or your personal therapist. There are certain problems and ailments connected with the function of our digestive system, which can be escalated by using a potato therapy.

Author Info: Hi! My name is Carla and I am a 5th year medical student at HYMS. I am interested in alternative medicine and I have done months researching the topic of herbal medicine. Besides, I like interviewing people and learning more about their experiences with one or another type of herbal treatments. I am willing to contribute to this site with my knowledge, and I would be happy to help you out to the best of my ability with any specific questions or problems related to alternative medicine.

35 Responses to “Therapeutic Properties of Raw Potato Juice”

  1. pervinNo Gravatar Says:

    Can potatoe juice help in GERD – reflux?

    I get too much acic that travels to my throat after consuming food and this causes breathing probelms for me.

    kindly assist.


  2. sandy w.No Gravatar Says:


    I have the same problem and would love to talk to you about it . You are the first person I have known that has a similar condition. Eating a small amount of raw potato seems to be helping me. I’ve tried some other remedies also but continue to struggle with it. Please email.

  3. desiNo Gravatar Says:

    I suffer fromgastritis, and acid that has actually burned my tongue… i was told to try grating a raw potato, and then squeezing ouththe juice first thing in themorning….. the pain and acid immediatetly is relieved

  4. InterestedKimNo Gravatar Says:

    I suffer from bad ezcema and read that potato juice is good to relieve the itchiness. I tend to put uncooked potatos and tomatoes and blend them together to be connsume both juice and pulp. Just wondering whether that would have any other side effects?

  5. Dr. BishopNo Gravatar Says:

    No, of course it wont!

  6. LillyNo Gravatar Says:

    I was advised to use fresh potato juice to treat fibroids. Is there any evidence supporting this?

  7. BibiNo Gravatar Says:

    I used to get cysts in my body and very bad pigmentation on my face because of too much milk
    consumption. By His grace I came across a book originally
    written by the Japanese- testimonials of people healed of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure,etc by taking raw potato juice regularly. I have been taking it several years now and everyone says my skin looks younger than my age and I have no serious cysts problem.

  8. GraemeNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi what is the best way to prepare potato juice to drink? How much should i drink each day? Can it be mixed with other juices to taste better?

  9. Gwensolyn WrightNo Gravatar Says:

    should I put the potato in the juicer? Thanks

  10. AngNo Gravatar Says:

    you can cut the potato in slices and rub the slices on your face to clear up blemishes and improve skin tone. i am currently trying a 3 week regimen to lessen the appearance of acne scars.

  11. anneNo Gravatar Says:

    in response to Gwensolyn, you can juice potato with carrots and apple

  12. TundeNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi, Carla. Can you please tell us more about the POTATO PEELS TEA for the treatment of ARTHRITIS. Thanks

  13. suziNo Gravatar Says:

    I just tried raw potato water as indicated in a book by Paavo Airola for the treatment of arthritis. I cleaned, thinly sliced and soaked an organic red potato in a glass of water over night then drank the water this morning. It didn’t taste bad at all, but I added raw honey and lemon to it anyway. I’m hoping this will give me more pain relief.

  14. goatroperNo Gravatar Says:

    Too many raw potatoes CAN cause constipation.

  15. goatroperNo Gravatar Says:

    On second thought it may mean potatoe chips and instant potatoes. I have eaten alot of chips lately. Nice argument I’m having with myself, eh? (Adult ADD), seriously!

  16. EliseNo Gravatar Says:

    I am very pleased with the potato juice. I drink half of cup 3 times daily and my heartburn has stopped completely after only 3 days. I read about the juice in a health book. But I am even happier to learn more benefits of the raw potato juice…
    Thanks, Elise

  17. DeborahNo Gravatar Says:

    I am a GERD sufferer and have been advised to try white potato juice. What is the best type of potato to juice?

  18. SandraNo Gravatar Says:

    If I don’t have red potatoes, can white be used instead, for gastritis?

  19. NevaNo Gravatar Says:

    I had a couple of questions after coming across the potato juice recipes online. In your articles you say:

    “There are certain problems and ailments connected with the function of our digestive system, which can be escalated by using a potato therapy.”

    What are these problems and ailments?

    And how much is 100-150 g of raw potato juice in simple terms like half a cup, 5 tsps, etc.?

    Thanks, Neva

  20. StephNo Gravatar Says:

    I was wondering if using Potatoe juice to reduce eye redness or irritated eyes was medically accepted or medically okay to do? A doctors opinion would be very helpful!

  21. KelvinNo Gravatar Says:

    Dear Carla,
    I have hyperpigmentation and not successful with good face cream. It is ugly & embarrassing. Will potato juice be helpful, a solution to my problem.
    Please help.

  22. JoeyNo Gravatar Says:

    “I was wondering if using Potatoe juice to reduce eye redness or irritated eyes was medically accepted or medically okay to do? A doctors opinion would be very helpful!”

    A doctor will tell you too take medicine for all these problems – medicine that is not natural and will only poison your body more. The body is very resilient and will bounce back to health if you eat and live organic. My juicer is amazing and I feel much healthier since I bought it. Remember though, organic is key – no garbage in them. Drink 8 oz of organic juice (fruits and vegis) at least 5 times a day, and cut back (completely if possible) all meats and milk…. human bodys aren’t meant to digest those foods. Do all this and you will be surprised how much better you will feel and how much your skin, hair, and everything else looks better!

  23. carmen camachoNo Gravatar Says:

    how the fresh potato juice is made? can white potatoes be used?

  24. myraNo Gravatar Says:

    i was wondering about the cysts, i get cysts and they are big and really painful. Been suffering for YEARS. really tired of it, and really embarrassed of this and i’ve never talked to a doctor about it. it’s just TOO embarrassing! i will try the potato juice.
    anyone have any insight on this!?

    also, are the red potatoes better than the russet?


  25. Peter YuanNo Gravatar Says:

    We have taken saw potato juice for a few weeks, and also taken a type of fungus for many years, we would like to share our experience with others who are searching for alternative herbal medicine. no money involved.

  26. To MyraNo Gravatar Says:

    Cysts can be caused by certain foods. Try cutting out refined sugar, all types of flour, sugar, dairy, processed and junk food, fried foods, the list is endless. The best thing to do is eat fruit, veg, lentils, steamed/roast/grilled chicken, fresh foods close to their raw form, except the chicken of course.
    Careful what you put on your skin. Check the ingredients of everything. The less ingredients the better. Use aloe vera from the actual plant – all natural and beneficial.
    As for potato juice, you can wash a potato, peel it, cut thin slices and gently rub then on your face. Leave the juice on your face for as long as you like, apply as much as you like. You will see a difference fast!
    Be sure to efoliate your skin a couple of times a week. Be Gentle!!!!

  27. ObserverNo Gravatar Says:

    How can people ask such staggeringly STUPID questions? Russet potatoes are the only ones that cover all of these benefits.

    Sweet potatoes have some benefits. ORGANIC and only organic Russet potatoes have all of these benefits. Geez

  28. curiousNo Gravatar Says:

    The only STUPID question is the one not asked.

  29. claudiaNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi I have GERD Reflux and IBS and feel miserable,..i have try a lot of things, but right now I’m trying raw potato juice feeling a little better,..also cant lose weight i exercise and eat will but nothing works any sugestions!

  30. ShirleyNo Gravatar Says:

    Would anyone help me please? I was told 3 weeks ago that I have Hyperthyroid. I am taking medicine right now but it didn’t help. I wish the potato juice would help fix my problem. Does anyone know any Herbal medicine I can try to calm down my overactive thyroid. Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

  31. LouiseNo Gravatar Says:

    My Son in Law suffering of high blood preasure. Use the mdeication of the doctor but they confirm that it is in his geens and they can not so anything about it. He stop smoking and harley drink any alcohol but still he suffers with a bloodpreasure between 110 and 170. What can he tried to do to correct this high blood preasure. Please.


  32. doug duschNo Gravatar Says:

    can raw potato juice help lower blood pressure?

  33. ECNo Gravatar Says:

    Yes, raw potato juice it can lower your high blood pressure, due the high content of potassium. Also try organic apple cider vinegar; it works very well try one quart of water per day mixed with two tablespoons of ACV, sipped during the day in small dosages

  34. joanNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Shirley, hyperthyroidism is treatable unless if its caused by Graves disease. Make sure u go 4 a check up. For both conditions, try homeopathic treatments since it treats the cause not symptoms. try to be stress free too.

  35. margieNo Gravatar Says:

    Does a potato whitens my DARK ARMPITS?