December 2, 2010

Tarragon oil benefitsTarragon essential oil, known also as estragon essential oil, is extracted from the flowers and leaves of Tarragon plant (Artemisia dracunculus). It has really amazing refreshing and uplifting scent which resembles a little the fragrance of anise essential oil. Due to this resemblance, tarragon can be used as a culinary spice for garnishing various meals, as well as for producing a special tarragon vinegar. The name “Tarragon” comes from a combination of Latin word “Dracunculus” and Arabic word “Tharkhoum“, meaning something like “a little dragon” – because of the way the plant root  looks.

Therapeutic properties and health benefits of tarragon oil include stimulant, antibacterial, antimicrobial, circulatory, emenagogue, anti-spasmodic, digestive, vermifuge, anti-rheumatic, sedative, deodorant and other actions of this natural remedy. If used in aromatherapy, tarragon essential oil can help in relieving various nervous disorders, depression, emotional distresses, hyperactivity and physical exhaustion. Tarragon oil benefits also include very powerful calming down properties and natural sleep inducing effects. The best way is to apply tarragon oil as a massage oil, possibly in conjunction with other essential oils like rosewood, basil, pine, lavender and so on.

Tarragon essential oilTarragon essential oil can be  used to treat such common diseases as rheumatism and arthritis. This natural remedy can stimulate blood circulation, as well as warm up the joints and muscles. Other advantage of using this oil for those who suffer from arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis is the power of tarragon oil to stimulate detoxification and urination, this way assisting in removing uric acid from the body. Besides, one of the main health benefits of tarragon oil is its power to act as an effective natural digestive system support. It can be used externally as one of the most effective natural appetite stimulants and a great remedy to relieve stomach cramps, colitis, sluggish digestion, gas, etc.

Tarragon oil benefits as a great cardio-tonic can be used by anyone who has weak blood circulation, spasms and other minor heart problems. Also, this oil can be recommended if one needs to stimulate metabolism and strengthen the function of the immune system. Tarragon oil can  be used as a menstrual regulator: a woman who suffers from irregular periods, menstrual pains and cramps can simply massage this essential oil into the abdomen area. As a natural vermifuge, tarragon essential oil can help to get rid of all possible worms in the intestines. If you want to use tarragon oil benefits, do not forget to talk to your health care specialist first as this oil has a high content of estragole, which should be used with caution and avoided by pregnant women.

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