natural herpes treatmentTansy (Tanacetum vulgare), or Mugwort, Golden Buttons, etc.,  is a known herbal remedy which has been used by many generations to treat various respiratory problems, high fever, joint pains and other types of pains and aches. Tansy health benefits include its antiviral and vermifuge properties. This perennial flowering plant grows all around Europe and northern regions of Asia. Tansy received its name from the Greek word “immortal” and in old Christan religions this plant was linked to Virgin Mary. This herb has numerous culinary applications, and according to the latest study, tansy can be used as an effective natural herpes treatment.

A team of scientists from the UK (the University of Greenwich) and Spain (the Universidad de Oviedo) centered their research on studying antiviral properties of tansy. The work included screening natural extracts of tansy in order to find out new antiviral compounds of this herbal remedy. It was discovered that certain components in tansy have strong antiherpic activities, and lasting joint efforts of British and Spanish specialists resulted in pinpointing which exactly chemical components of the plant are responsible for these antiherpic tansy health benefits.

Our study revealed that parthenolide is not one of the major anti HSV-1 principles of tansy, as has been suggested. However we found that tansy does contains known antiviral agents including 3,5-dicaffeoylquinic acid (3,5-DCQA) as well as axillarin, which contributes to its antiherpetic effect,” says Prof. Francisco Parra from the Universidad de Oviedo. “Although the precise molecular targets for tansy extract require further research this study reveals the clear potential of tansy to treat the dermatological lesions caused by HSV,” the scientist says. The findings of this study and the outlooks for potentially new natural herpes treatment were published recently in one of the most reputable international journal for new medical researches, Phytotherapy Research.

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