The Mysteries of Pu-erh Tea

Author: Carla Fiscina
August 26, 2009

Pu-erh TeaHas anyone of you, my friends, ever tried Pu-erh tea? I wonder so much, how you felt about it… This summer I had a chance to try a high quality Pu-erh tea, and it was some really weird experience, even for an advanced tea lover like me. Now, here’s the story. My brother Marc, who lives in Italy (where my family comes from), has been always making fun of my habit of drinking 6-7 big cups of tea a day. And, certainly, I have been always promoting excellent health benefits and beautiful tastes of various teas. This time he decided to prove me that not all therapeutic teas have a great taste, so he decided to send me some Pu-erh tea. He knew that I will not resist and try, in spite of warnings about its…well, a little unpleasant taste and aroma. Read the rest of this entry »

We all know that an effective weight loss program should include not only dieting, doing lots of physical exercises and outdoor activities. Weight management specialists are convinced that in the most cases, developing healthy eating habits is everything we need to reduce or maintain a normal body weight. Healthy nutrition is linked to regular receiving a daily norm of nutrients necessary for normal functioning of all our body systems. Therefore, sticking to the rules of healthy nutrition will assist us in maintaining ideal body shape and enjoying the benefits of a healthy life-style. Today, we are going to talk about easy rules of healthy nutrition habits, which can help everyone to be always in a good shape and fit. Read the rest of this entry »