valerianValerian is one of the most common natural remedies for nervous conditions. It works great to calm down anxiety, nervous tension and other effects of stresses. Also, it is one of the best known and the most effective herbal remedies for insomnia. This natural solution has been widely used since the times of ancient empires, and its main advantages embrace such factors as quite strong action, the absence of dependency, headaches, allergic reactions and other common side effects. Today, scientists say that valerian can be a great remedy to relieve sleep problems that usually accompany menopause. Read the rest of this entry »

Herbal Remedies for Nightmares

Author: Carla Fiscina
April 20, 2009

Nightmares and night terrors are usually associated with the dreams causing the feelings of extreme anxiety, distress or terror, making the sleeper wake up in fear and unable to go back to sleep again for a long period of time. Stresses and conflicts, psychological pressure and anxiety, illnesses and side-effects of taking certain medicines, excessive violence in modern mass media and other various conditions are among the most common reasons of experiencing nightmares and restless dreams. Read the rest of this entry »

February 20, 2009

Busy LifeIn our epoch of fast business life and constant lack of time for a good rest, relaxation and pleasure, a lot of people are not satisfied with their sexual health and performance. That is why recently, pubic interest in certain vitamins, stimulants, supplements or medications, which are recommended for improving sexual desire, has been increasingly growing. However, we should not forget that our Mother Nature has the keys to many problems, and herbal medicine can offer very effective solutions for all possible health related concerns. Read the rest of this entry »

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis)

Author: Carla Fiscina
October 20, 2008

Valerian extract is one of the most popular and safest herbal sleep aids, which has been used worldwide for many centuries. Valerian is the most valued for its sedative, relaxing and hypnotic effects, that is why it is considered an effective natural treatment for depression, stresses, insomnia, nervousness, anxiety disorders and other neurological problems. Traditionally, phytotherapistst used herbal preparations and mixtures of Valerian root with other sedative herbs (like Melissa offcicnalis, Anise seed, St. John’s wort or Chamomilla recucita) as herbal teas to promote sleep. Such teas used to be of a great aid in improving sleep patterns, decreasing the number of night wakings, reducing motor activity at night, and so on. Read the rest of this entry »