March 15, 2013

Pancreatic Cancer CurePancreatic cancer or pancreatic carcinoma is known as one of the most terrible and deadly types of cancer. According to the estimations, the five-year survival rate among those who are diagnosed with this terrible type of cancer is not higher than 6 per cent. The most distressful fact about pancreatic cancer is its progressing without any symptom, thus it is usually diagnosed only at the latest stages. That is the reason why there is no known pancreatic cancer cure, and the most effective treatment for pancreatic cancer discovered at least at the middle stages includes only surgical removal of carcinoma. The risk factors for pancreatic cancer embrace aging, smoking, suffering from type 2 diabetes and chronic pancreatitis. Also, it is supposed that this type of cancer is a little more common in women rather than in man. Besides, some small role can be played by such risk factor as genetics. Read the rest of this entry »