September 4, 2012

effects of antidepressantsDepression is a very common health condition of modern people. Though this disorder may not look like something serious, it actually carries plenty of hidden risks and dangers to our overall health. Depression, especially chronic depression, is linked to increased risks of obesity, high cholesterol levels and cardiovascular diseases. It can lead to various emotional, psychological, and even mental problems, starting from inability to do our normal daily activities, and ending up with panic attacks or suicidal thoughts. Such factors as physical changes in human brain and hormonal shifts, imbalances related to neurotransmitters function, childhood traumas, life events, and genetic predisposition are named among possible causes of depression. Fortunately, there are plenty of effective strategies and techniques to help us treating depressions, including medications, special therapeutic programs and recovery groups, relaxation techniques, physical exercises, hobbies, homemade and herbal remedies for depression, and many more. Read the rest of this entry »