Traditional Chinese MedicineTraditional Chinese medicine is a true fount of wisdom and effective remedies for many common health conditions and ailments. Thus, recently it was found out that a flowering Tibetan evergreen shrub, which has been widely used in Traditional Chinese and Indian folk medicines for treating such bacterial diseases as malaria and others, can also be used to combat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and even slow down the processes related to aging. Positive effects can be achieved at the expense of an interesting property of this natural remedy: it can make cells ‘think’ that they are starving. Read the rest of this entry »

August 19, 2009

Modern herbal medicine owes a lot to Traditional Chinese medicine, which became a cradle of alternative medical approaches. Moreover, many basic theories, diagnostic methods, common techniques and methods of treatment used in contemporary medicine are rooted in ancient Chinese philosophical concepts. For centuries, Chinese herbal remedies have been helping people throughout the world to ease their pain and bring them back to life. Recently, Chinese specialists in alternative medicine offered a new herbal treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis, one of the most common diseases of our times. Read the rest of this entry »