The Truth About Eggs

Author: Carla Fiscina
April 17, 2010

Recently, I had a great chance to speak to Prof. Doctor Bingyr Sonmez, a specialist doctor experienced in cardiovascular diseases and differential diagnostics, as well as a famous anti-tobacco enthusiast, who worked here in the UK in St. Thomas Hospital and recently visited our hospital on a special occasion. He shared a lot of very interesting pieces of information and ideas with me, but what impressed me the most was his viewpoint on the benefits of eating eggs.

EggsDr. Sonmez says that for more than 40 years most of the doctors were very strictly recommending all of us to avoid consuming eggs every day. They did that with their full belief in the fact that what they are saying is very true and scientifically proven. Actually, for the last 40 years there were some individuals fro the world of science telling us: egg is actually not that bad for heart and egg actually does not have much cholesterol. Some scientists were saying that relying rather on their intuition than on some scientific studies. Read the rest of this entry »