September 18, 2012

Thapsia garganicaHundreds of modern researchers and scientific research groups are working hard to find a cure or at least an effective technology to stop cancer, a deadly disease which is taking away millions of lives every year. Thousands of herbal remedies and medicinal plants, their compounds and properties have already been tested and studied very thoroughly in order to find some clues and learn to combat this terrible disease. There are a good number of effective natural solutions to reduce our risks of cancer and possibly prevent cancer development in our tissues. This summer, scientists reported about discovering a potentially new cancer treatment, a natural one. A group of American researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore published their findings suggesting that an ingredient in medicinal herb known as ‘death carrot’ (Thapsia garganica) has unique properties to target and destroy cancer cells, this way can grow into a next generation cancer treatment, natural and available to everyone. Read the rest of this entry »