June 19, 2010

sunflower kernelHealth benefits and therapeutic effects of sunflower seeds are known, and many of us frequently use a handful of these delicious seeds as a snack. However, those who love eating sunflower seeds should be very disappointed with the news that many of today’s commercially produced types of sunflower kernel have increased amounts of such heavy metals as cadmium and nickel, which are quite harmful to our health. Read the rest of this entry »

June 29, 2009

Not many of us know that a handful of grilled sunflower seeds can be a great healthy snack for everyone. These little seeds are an unparalleled source of natural energy and Vitamin E. Some people try to avoid eating sunflower seeds thinking that this food has very high caloric content and can stimulate weight gain. However, it is a wrong consumption as sunflower seeds contain only vegetable oil which is not getting stored in our body as fat. Sunflower seeds are quite popular throughout the world and currently, Russia, the US and China are the world’s leading producers of sunflower oil and sunflower seeds, followed by Argentina, India and South Africa. Read the rest of this entry »