January 4, 2013

High Fat DietsEasy experiments with our daily diet can make us understand that unhealthy diets like high fat diets or high sugar diets are actually the most tasty and enjoyable ones. However, they provide our body with very high amounts of calories that leads to weight gain, increased chances of developing obesity and having high risks of many serious health conditions related to being overweight and obese. Healthy diets, including low fat diets, low calorie diets, low sugar diets, and other types of diets, are usually less tasty and bring less satisfaction to us when we switch to them, that is why healthy eating for many people is linked to being less satisfied with their diet. Why do we get so much attached and like high fat or high sugar diets? Scientists have been tried to solve this mystery for many years, and the findings revealed this week in many of the leading mass media can help us get some better understandings of this phenomenon. Read the rest of this entry »