October 30, 2011

StrawberriesEven those of us who commonly follow a healthy diet sometimes consume the foods or beverages which can be irritating and harmful to our stomach. For example, having a glass of wine, even the best quality wine, can damage your stomach a little. Or eating a slice of lemon. Fortunately, the scientists now can show us the way to minimize this kind of damage and improve our digestive health. By eating some fresh strawberries it is possible not only to enrich our body with antioxidants and other useful nutrients, but substantially lower our risks to suffer from various digestive problems, including very dangerous ones like gastritis or ulcers. Read the rest of this entry »

strawberryNowadays, everyone is talking about numerous benefits and therapeutic effects of antioxidants. Many of us are trying to add to our daily diet as many natural foods rich in antioxidants (green tea, chocolate, blueberries, black berries, raisins, kale, spinach, broccoli and so on) as possible. The main effects of antioxidants are centered around reducing oxidative stress, the imbalance in the cells which is linked to various dangerous diseases (cancer or cardiovascular diseases) and aging. Antioxidants can block the activities of free radicals and this way improve body’s defensive properties to prevent aging, especially premature aging. Read the rest of this entry »

8 Facts About Strawberries

Author: Carla Fiscina
June 2, 2010

strawberries health benefitsEarly summer is just the perfect season for strawberries, the berries with beautiful look and amazing taste. Known as common ingredients of jams, bakeries, desserts, jellies, syrups, ice-creams and so on, strawberries have a variety of therapeutic properties, and even using frozen berries can help you enjoy strawberries health benefits year round. Below, there are some facts about strawberries and their therapeutic powers. Read the rest of this entry »