February 20, 2012

traumatic eventsMany of us believe that a good sleep can be a perfect remedy for stresses, negative experiences, bad memories, anxiety, and other related disorders. Certainly, sleeping can help us relax, get a good physical rest, restore our energy and get ready for all the challenges of a new day. However, a new study by American scientists has shown that sleeping after certain emotional or traumatic events can actually play a negative role and cement bad emotions or memories right in our mind for quite a long time. That is why the experts suggest that when something extraordinary and traumatic occurs, sleeping may not be too good idea. Read the rest of this entry »

January 3, 2012

positive and negative emotionsWe all expect only good things to happen in the new year, and we all want to forget all negative and bad memories from the last year. It turned out that dreaming can be a great tool to do so! A group of scientists at the University of California carried out a series of experiments and found out that dreaming can assist us in processing and lowering negative effects and emotions from our bad experiences. It is very hard for most people to deal with traumatic experiences and bad memories, and for many of us these types of emotions can produce long-term stresses and various psychological disturbances. Read the rest of this entry »