Easy Breakfast Ideas To Avoid

Author: Carla Fiscina
January 16, 2013

Simple Breakfast IdeasMany nutritionists and health care specialists believe that what we eat for breakfast plays a key role in how we’re going to feel during the day. There is a common idea that breakfast actually can be quite high in calories and sugars since it should help us receive a good chunk of energy for the new day. There are plenty of nutritious and simple breakfast ideas we got used to choose from, including boiled eggs, omelet, a sandwich with low fat cheese, a smoothie, a carrot-apple salad, a cup of low fat yogurt with fruit, and so on. Most of us got used to the idea that we’re doing great when choosing these kind of breakfasts, and we do not even question this in our minds. We’re sure that we’re eating healthy, provide our body with great natural nutrients and prevent possible diseases or unwanted health conditions. However, very often we are wrong… Read the rest of this entry »