September 29, 2012

Memory ImpairmentForgetfulness, memory impairment, which very often develop into more serious dementia-like brain disorders are very common in today’s elderly. A great deal of aging people start demonstrating the first signs of Alzheimer’s even in their early 60s, and very often the condition progresses, with terrible prognosis and very poor life quality. Dementia-like brain disorders happen due to fatal changes in human brain. They can not be reversed and there is no effective cure known for Alzheimer’s and other dementia-like brain disorders. However, a number of researches is ongoing and aiming to find at least a little clue to diagnose the problem in its early stages and somehow slow down its development. According to the latest news, a group of scientists the University of Heidelberg in Germany have found a way to slow down and possibly reverse forgetfulness linked to aging. Read the rest of this entry »