Risk Of InfectionIn our times of sedentary lifestyle and a chronic lack of physical activities, many people are looking for opportunities to get more physical exercise and reduce their risks of becoming obese. Some try to incorporate increased amounts of physical activities to their daily life: they try to avoid using public transportation and elevators, they do plenty of walking and try to spend their weekends or days off outdoors and get involved in swimming, jogging, hiking, bicycle riding, etc. Some try to find extra time in their daily routine and do outdoors or indoors exercises, including working out in gym. By many specialists, regular exercises in gym (doing power exercising like weight lifting, or doing cardio exercises like walking on a treadmill or riding a bike, etc.) are considered the most effective for preventing weight gain and substantially reducing the risks for suffering from serious cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, as the new study suggested, there is very high risk for infections that most of gym-goers are exposed to. Read the rest of this entry »