July 8, 2013

stress managementIn our professional and personal life, we all are constantly exposed to very harmful effects of stresses, and many experts name chronic stresses a real curse of our times. Stresses can simply destroy our health and make us feel sick and tired of this life in all possible meanings. They damage our immune system function, can cause problems with thyroid activity and cause hormonal shifts, can seriously affect our brain activity, and their negative effects on our cardiovascular and nervous system are tremendous. Though many people do not realize that, but in our times, mastering and practicing effective stress management techniques is a key to a better health and much longer life. Yoga, physical exercises, breathing exercises, getting involved in various outdoor activities, spending time with friends, trying new hobbies, are among the most commonly known and the best stress management approaches. Most of those were thoroughly studied by the experts and received scientific prove of their being effective as great stress relief approaches. Read the rest of this entry »