July 31, 2013

resveratrol benefitsThe public polemics among experts and specialists as to health effects and benefits of reservatrol has been unfolding in scientific mass media for the last year. Reservatrol is a known natural anti-oxidant substance which can be found in red grapes and related products (especially high quality red wine). Many studies have proven that reservatrol has absolutely amazing anti-aging properties due to its power to slow down oxidative stress and slow down all degenerative processes linked to aging, on cellular level. That is why a lot of special attention was paid to promoting this natural anti-oxidant: in particular, plenty of dietary supplement formulas based on reservatrol are being offered. Moreover, in 2011, the world’s leading nutritionists recommended taking 1 glass of high quality red wine a day in order to harvest reservatrol benefits and enjoy this effective protection against destructive effects of aging. Read the rest of this entry »

November 6, 2012

Red Wine BenefitsA lot is said about amazing benefits of high quality red wine. Consuming a glass of good red wine a day is supposed to be healthy and very good choice due to a high content of reservatrol and natural antioxidants in this product. This, using red wine can help us enjoy numerous health effects linked to slowed down activities of free radicals, slowed down aging processes in all our body tissues, as well as reduced risks of many serious diseases including cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and others, and even avoid premature death. Red wine benefits have received a lot of scientific confirmation and a great deal of studies have shown the advantages of a regular consumption of red wine in very small doses. That is why in 2010, the American Dietetic Association included this amazing natural product in its list of 5 healthiest foods to be included to our daily diet, along with green tea, oily fish, grains, and other healthy foods. Read the rest of this entry »

January 17, 2010

Medicinal Value Of Red WineLately, more and more specialists are talking about health benefits and medicinal value of red wine, which is actually an alcoholic product and should be considered harmful to our health. Just two weeks ago this product was added to the list of recommended foods for healthy nutrition in 2010. Red wine benefits are now vividly being discussed in mass media, but what should we know and remember about this product and its effects on our health? Read the rest of this entry »