December 8, 2009

Health Benefits of BeetsRed beets (Beta vulgaris) definitely do not take a serious place in our daily diet, and this is actually not right! These blood red veggies can not be frequently found on our dinner plates, and thinking about adding beets to our daily diet will hardly be associated with positive expectations from the taste of these veggies. However, those who are health-conscious are aware that red beets are among the healthiest natural foods which can improve our physical well being to a great extent! A wide variety of health benefits associated with these red and juicy edible roots, the veggies with no content of saturated and trans fats, very low in calories and with highly effective anti-cancerous properties, should not be ignored and neglected! Especially taking into account the fact that red beets are being cultivated throughout the world and are available in our markets year round. Read the rest of this entry »