January 14, 2013

Passive SmokingPlenty is said about all those health risks and possible damage linked to passive smoking, but for many people it can still be a surprise to learn that passive smoking is not less, and sometimes even more harmful to our health than actual tobacco smoking. Passive smoking, or being in a close proximity to those who are smoking tobacco and breathing in the fumes, is a serious factor that increases out risks of cardiovascular diseases including coronary heart disease, various circulatory system problems like varicose veins, breast cancer, lung cancer, nose, ear and throat infections, asthma, a great variety of allergic reactions, skin problems like brittle skin or dermatitis, and many other unwanted health conditions. Unfortunately, a huge number of people in modern world are smokers, and for the rest of us in order to avoid exposure to second-hand cigarette smoke we need to stay in special smoke-free zones in public areas. However, not every public place or workplace can offer us this opportunity. Read the rest of this entry »