Painkiller abuseMore and more experts report about increasing tendency of painkiller abuse in modern people. Inspired by Dr. House, people believe that painkillers, either natural pain relievers or pharmaceuticals, can be an answer to any sort of health alert of ours. We pop a pill in case if our head starts aching, in case if we have a colic, or some pain of unknown origin in the abdomen, or when we have discomfort in the lungs and can not take a breath, etc. etc. Painkiller abuse has become a trend in many people, especially the young who are certain that they are yet healthy enough and their body can stand on such huge doses of synthesized substances. Thinking that painkillers can not bring too much harm to our body and our health is quite wrong, and the findings of a recent study published this spring in many world’s leading newspapers and journals have proven the fact. Read the rest of this entry »