September 26, 2013

orange juiceIn our times, people are very much concerned about their health, and most if us are trying to do everything possible to reduce our risks for such serious diseases like heart attack, a stroke, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and so on. We try to watch our daily diet and use various foods with excellent natural protective qualities. Those include mainly the foods rich in natural antioxidants and fatty acids, but also organic fruits and vegetables rich in minerals, vitamins, and natural essential nutrients. Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of consuming broccoli, green tea, cocoa beans, or tomatoes as very effective natural protection for numerous types of cancer. According to the latest findings, organic orange juice can also be added to the list of antioxidant rich foods. Read the rest of this entry »

Orange JuiceMost of us prefer starting our day with an energizing cup of coffee or a refreshing cup of green or black tea. We know that these beverages (provided we drink them without sugar or any other kind of sweetener) are the best choice for starting our day with. Numerous studies have proven that these beverages rich in natural flavonoids and caffeine can be a great source of energy, a great natural assistance for our brain to wake up and start working effectively as soon as we get up and have our first daily bite. However, there is another very good choice we can make as to the beverage to start our day with. Definitely, we can opt for a freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice. A group of scientists studied this option and came up with the conclusion that a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice can be the best idea for a healthy breakfast for every one of us. Read the rest of this entry »

July 23, 2010

Fruit JuiceIt’s difficult to find someone who does not enjoy drinking fresh fruit juices in summer. Quite low in calories and extremely rich in all kinds of useful natural nutrients, fruit juices can not only refresh us and quench our thirst. They can boost our energy, improve our immune system and help in overcoming hot weather. In addition to that, they are tasty and healthy options to support our breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Read the rest of this entry »

regular intake of orange juiceMore and more of disappointing facts are found out about our favorite orange juice, which we used to consider one of the healthiest and the most useful fruit juices. Just recently the scientists warned us that drinking orange juice on a regular basis can seriously affect our dental health and damage our tooth enamel. More to that: according to the results of the latest research by the specialists from Harvard Medical School, regular intake of orange juice (even one glass a day) is inked to increased level of sugar in the blood and increased risk of having type 2 diabetes in women. Read the rest of this entry »

Orange Juice Destroys Tooth Enamel

Author: Carla Fiscina
October 2, 2009

Orange JuiceFreshly squeezed fruit juices are known as very useful and nutritious products since they have high content of vitamins and minerals. However, it turned out that there are certain drawbacks of drinking some juices on a regular basis. In particular, our favorite refreshing OJ can be a good example. On one hand, orange juice is claimed to have positive effects on our cholesterol levels and blood pressure, as well as lower the risks of heart disease and some types of cancer. It should be your first choice as a source of Vitamin C when you are having a cold or flu. OJ can even bring some relief to those who suffer from arthritis pains, and can be used as a part of weight loss program. Read the rest of this entry »

Fresh Juices for Life!

Author: Carla Fiscina
June 15, 2009

Everybody knows that squeezed juices are much better than bottled juices available in our supermarkets. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are excellent sources of natural vitamins, minerals and nutriments necessary to our body for its normal functioning. Using fresh juices therapy can help you in weight management, normalizing your blood pressure and the function of your digestive system, stimulate detoxification, lower cholesterol and so on. Some nutritionists say that having a glass of fresh squeezed juice for breakfast can be effective in protecting our body against a great number of infections and viruses. Read the rest of this entry »