September 1, 2012

Seaweed SupplementSeaweed is a unique natural remedy used to support our health and provide our body with useful nutrients. Rich in iodine, seaweed is supposed to be an effective solution, natural treatment and prevention of thyroid related problems. It was recently reported that seaweed should be considered as an excellent potential natural arthritis treatment, due to a special compound with very powerful anti-bacterial and anti0inflammatory properties. The effects of seaweed consumption for more effective weight loss have been well known, and, according to the findings of an expert group from Sheffield Hallam University, eating the foods like seaweed can assist us in consume less calories without staying hungry. Recently, the findings of one more related study were published, saying that a new technology for effective weight loss has been developed. A new seaweed supplement is on the way, to be taken on a daily basis to help us lose weight more effectively (especially for obese people) and maintain the achieved results easier. Read the rest of this entry »