Top 9 Natural Aphrodisiac Foods

Author: Carla Fiscina
March 11, 2013

Aphrodisiac FoodsDespite the fact that many of us do not actually believe in the powers of natural aphrodisiacs, a great deal of experts say that by using known spices, herbal remedies, or natural aphrodisiac foods we can successfully improve our sexual life, increase our libido and improve our fertility. Natural aphrodisiacs have been known and used for many centuries, and their properties are tested by our great grand moms and many previous generations. All you need to know is what foods can play a role of natural sex drive stimulants, and how to use them correctly in order to awaken the desire of yours or your partner. There is plenty of information available online, and in this article I’d like to present you the top 10 natural aphrodisiac foods recommended by Marioul Pugoy, a natural food guru and a founder of Sadhana Pty Limited, an Australian organic food company. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 5 Spring Aphrodisiacs

Author: Carla Fiscina
April 15, 2010

Spring AphrodisiacsEvery spring brings us new feelings, new inspirations and new romances. For those who want to add some spice to the sexual life, there are 5 most effective spring aphrodisiacs.

1. Artichokes. This natural aphrodisiacs are rich in such substance as inulin, which in conjunction with vitamins A, B and C can substantially improve metabolism. This can stimulate and tone the body, as well as increase the libido. Read the rest of this entry »

August 28, 2009

There are many natural solutions to improve our sex life. Natural aphrodisiacs are the safest, the most effective and the most passionate ones. They are always available and affordable for almost everyone. Let’s examine your kitchen and see, what do you have to make your life a little spicier.

TomatoNatural Aphrodisiac From Your Kitchen No. 1: Tomatoes. Tomatoes have very strong erotic context and very interesting story. Centuries ago, tomatoes were yellow color, that is why in ancient Rome they were called “pomo d’oro“, or “the apple of gold” referring to the historical temptation of Adam. However, a French tourist misunderstood the name of this magic vegetable and thought it to be “pomo d’amour“, or “the apple of love“. Regular consumption of tomatoes aids sexual performance, as well as helps to improve muscle control and relax nervous system. Read the rest of this entry »