Traditional Chinese MedicineTraditional Chinese medicine is a true fount of wisdom and effective remedies for many common health conditions and ailments. Thus, recently it was found out that a flowering Tibetan evergreen shrub, which has been widely used in Traditional Chinese and Indian folk medicines for treating such bacterial diseases as malaria and others, can also be used to combat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and even slow down the processes related to aging. Positive effects can be achieved at the expense of an interesting property of this natural remedy: it can make cells ‘think’ that they are starving. Read the rest of this entry »

December 23, 2011

SaffronMental disorders and various types of brain damage related to incorrect neuro transmission has grown into a very common health condition nowadays. A great deal of people are suffering from related problems, and at the moment, numerous scientific researches and studies are being carried out in order to find an effective remedy or solution to prevent brain cell damage, all sorts of inflammation and all types of disorders or illnesses linked to this condition. Recently, the findings of a new related study were published in The Journal of Immunology, a journal of the American Association of Immunologists. Read the rest of this entry »