November 1, 2012

Aromatherapy for sleepMost of us have one or another kind of phobias. Some people are afraid of darkness, some are afraid of being betrayed, some are afraid of being fooled or taken advantage of. Some are afraid of seeing bad dreams, afraid of flying, or have a fear of heights. The most common phobias include claustrophobia (the fear of confined space), nyctophobia (the fear of darkness), hemophobia (the fear of blood), mysophobia (the fear of germs), and others. Many experts say that the roots of such phobias go deep in our childhood, and the causes of our fears and phobias are nothing else but our childhood fears and bad memories. A great deal of treatments for various phobias are based on this assumption, and such techniques as behavior therapy or using natural remedies for relaxation and others work great to suppress bad memories and get free from our childhood fears. Read the rest of this entry »