August 16, 2012

metabolic syndrome symptomsFor many centuries, psyllium and psyllium seeds have been used in alternative medicine for various health conditions. Therapeutic properties and benefits of psyllium embrace mainly positive effects of this natural remedy on digestive system function (starting from preventing indigestion or hemorrhoids, and ending up with reducing the risks of gastrointestinal inflammatory conditions) since psyllium is a known source of dietary fiber and mucilage. Psyllium is a very effective natural solution to virtually all sorts of gastrointestinal disorders in men and women, and it is widely used in many medications and supplements for those who suffer from lower intestine disorders. According to the findings of a new study by a scientific team at  Curtin University in Perth, Australia, a regular consumption or a special treatment with psyllium can substantially reduce the risks for metabolic syndrome.  Thus, it is recommended to add psyllium dietary supplement to a metabolic syndrome diet in order to improve the condition and reduce metabolic syndrome symptoms. Read the rest of this entry »