Top 7 Herbs for Weight Loss

Author: Carla Fiscina
October 24, 2008

There is a special branch of today’s phytotherapy called diet herbal medicine, which can offer many potent solutions to those who struggle to shed some extra lbs. Diet herbal medicine uses various kinds of herbs, plants and their extracts in order to create effective mixtures, herbal teas and preparations, which can activate certain processes in your body and assist in combating weight problems. However, specialists emphasize on the fact that herbal remedies for weight loss should be used and expected to bring positive effects only in combination with other techniques of weight loss, such as physical exercises, eating a rich and healthy diet, avoiding junk food, and so on.

Weight ControlIn other words, if you only drink your slimming herbal teas or use special herbal formulas for weight loss, it would be difficult to achieve the desired results. However, herbal remedies and mixtures can be very useful for losing weight in many ways. Some herbs can help to keep you appetite under control, some help with intensifying your metabolism and can be your allies in burning fat, some can lower your bad cholesterol level and some can assist in getting rid of food wastes. Read the rest of this entry »