Amazing Benefits Of Thyme Herb

Author: Carla Fiscina
February 2, 2013

benefits of thymeUndoubtedly, thyme is a kind of spice which is not too often used in our kitchens, unless we see how advantageous and interesting becomes the taste of meat and poultry after adding some thyme. I have a few friends who use thyme extensively after visiting the countries of the Mediterranean region like Spain, Italy, or Greece, where thyme is an ingredient of a huge number of daily meals. And all of them say that it is hardly possible to find the kind of thyme they tried there in the UK. Fortunately, they find in opportunity to buy high quality thyme from Italy or Turkey online.  Actually, lemon thyme and common thyme plant have thousands years of history of being used as a primary culinary spice and a valuable medicinal herb in the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece, and in modern time’s Mediterranean region both wildly growing and cultivated thyme is highly valued for its amazing health benefits. Below, check out some useful information on benefits of thyme. Read the rest of this entry »