ready to eatIn our times, it is not easy to find a housewife or a housekeeper who does not use ready to eat foods. Very often we buy frozen vegetables, cut or sliced vegetables, mushrooms or fruits, and so on for cooking our meals. Those who are trying to eat healthy usually use some healthy ways of cooking for such kinds of foods (like baking, grilling, etc.). But what about the products like cut and ready to eat greens: salads, chopped greens, and others? It is not always possible to use heating when cooking those and this way kill all dangerous bacteria. The scientists got interested in this issue and took some samples from pre-cut salad leaves. The findings they’ve received after analyzing the samples were more than shocking: the number of bacteria in per-cut salad turned out to be really huge, making this ready to eat food more dangerous than ready to eat beefburgers. Read the rest of this entry »